Israeli Beauty Secrets: it’s in the water, oil, and herbs

Israeli Beauty Secrets

Israel is full of hidden beauty secrets.  Since ancient times, the world’s beauties – like the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra – have flocked to Israel. They adore the mineral-rich waters that heal your skin and preserve its radiance. The Dead Sea waters are a hidden beauty secret in Israel that many are just now finding out about.

Cleopatra Dead Sea Beauty

What other beauty secrets can Israel offer today’s women?

The center of beauty in Israel is certainly the Dead Sea.  Its ominous name comes from the fact that the water has so many minerals that nothing can grow.  But that’s great news for beauty seekers. The Dead Sea has about 33% salt, along with other minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium.  These help fight aging and chronic problems like psoriasis and eczema.  Even if you’ve suffered for years, a dip in the Dead Sea could be the answer. If going to the Dead Sea is not possible, there are many beauty products that will give you the same great results.


Healing Bath Wells In Israel

But that’s just the beginning.  Water sources all over Israel have mind-blowing healing properties.  The Romans built baths throughout the country to soak in daily.  Tourist today who visit Mary’s Well in Nazareth swear by its healing powers. The Hamat Gader thermal springs have been used since ancient times.  Like the Dead Sea, their sulphur concentration clears skin and heals blemishes.  Sulphur also has lots of keratin, which strengthens hair, skin and nails.  It’s great for itchy rashes and eczema, too. You can find the same sulphur benefits in creams and lotions direct from Israel.

Marys Well Beauty Seacret Israel

Mary’s Well in Nazareth Photo From

Olive Oil Beauty Tips           

Maybe you’ve heard that oil and water don’t mix?  When it comes to Israeli beauty secrets, that’s not exactly true. While Israelis and visitors soak in the healing waters, they also enjoy a diet rich in local olive oil.  Full of “good” fats and antioxidants, olive oil helps skin stay resilient and show fewer wrinkles.  And guess what?  That other Israeli staple, the humble chickpeas (think falafel and hummus), also repairs skin and reverses sun damage. Though olive oil is fantastic on salads, it’s even better outside your body. Use it almost anywhere, literally from head to toe (except on dyed-blonde hair, as this may cause a greenish tint). Slather your feet with extra-virgin Israeli olive oil and wrap them up for half an hour or more (use plastic wrap or a large baggie). Your feet will look years younger.

Top Beauty Products in Israel

New beauty products in Israel, contain the recent rediscovery of olive leaf extract, an ancient antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral superstar.  With double the wrinkle-fighting antioxidants of green tea, and four times more than vitamin C, you’ll see it in many more products over the next few years.  Traditional Bedouin remedies are also turning up in todays beauty routine.  From camel’s milk to black cumin and white wormwood, a mild antiseptic, you can buy them in luxurious soaps, creams and other cosmetics. Discover Israel’s beauty secrets for yourself.

Canaan Mineral Rich Bath Salts

Dead Sea Bath Salts

Israeli Beauty Secrets Direct From Israel.

Those famous Dead Sea healing compounds and many other Israeli beauty specialties are available directly from Israel.  Look for gently exfoliating salt scrubs, mud masks, and skin creams.  Real Dead Sea benefits should come direct from Israel to get the needed healing benefits.  Since celebrities like Madonna and Julianne Moore started swearing by top beauty products in Israel, including Dead Sea products, lots of companies have started cashing in with similar products.The great thing about natural Israeli remedies is that they’re even better mixed.  Stir Israeli olive oil together with Dead Sea salt for a quick, effective peeling mask.  With Israel’s delicious citrus, many local women swear by a mixture of olive oil and lemon.  Leave it on just for a few minutes, then wash it off completely with warm water to give your skin an instant glow. Inside and out, Israel’s rich ancient sources have lots to offer the modern world, with more great beauty secrets unearthed in the land of the Bible every single day.

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