The Dead Sea Facts

Information about the Dead Sea also known as the Salt Sea bordering near Jordan west of Israel and the lowest point on Earth. The sea is almost ten times as salty as the ocean which makes it the worlds’s saltiest bodies of water. So swimming is not easy to do and you end up floating instead. The name Dead Sea is misleading as the lake is really not dead and not really a sea at all. Unlike a sea where water flows both in and out. The lake only holds the water in that it gets then it evaporates leaving mounds of salt. The water it receives is from the Jordan River. The Dead Sea Salt Israel

Healing Minerals

The Dead Sea Minerals, Salt and Mud are packed with healing properties and minerals. There are 35 minerals per liter of water that are beneficial in these products including – Calcium Zinc Magnesium Potassium Sulpher Phosporus Sodium Lithium Boron Bromine Strontium Manganese Silicon Dioxide Aluminum Titanium Chloride Bromide and more. They will help with – arthritis – ostearthritis – acne – psoriasis – lung disease – cystic fibrosis – crohn’s disease – heart disease – hypertention – allergies -anti aging with a 40% reduction of wrinkles – skin hydration – reducing inflammation – eczema

Dead Sea Arthritis

In a study of two groups for rheumatiod arthritis where one group was given dead sea bath salts for twenty minutes. At the end of the study that group was greatly improved over the group that just recieved sodium chloride. There was a marked improvement that did last at least a month. You can read more details of this study at PubMed

Dead Sea Psoriasis

Known widely for the healing benefits of psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis. Studies have been recorded by Doctors and the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology which show that it really makes a difference for those with psoriasis. There are different products that will help with this including  Dead Sea salt, lotions, creams, shamppoo, soaps.

Dead Sea Acne

Perfect for all skin types to prevent and rid your face and body of acne break outs. Unlike some harsh chemicals there is no irration to the skin when cleaning it with Dead Sea Acne Soap. The benefits of Dead Sea Minerals is that it kills the bacteria that causes acne breakouts and removes oil and diirt under the skin. Leaving your skin smooth, soft and healthy.

Dead Sea Lung Disease

The air at the Dead Sea is a higher concentration from 3% to 8% and perfect for those with lung disease. A natural way to improve your symptoms without using chemicals and years of hospitals stays. Though each person outcome will be different, many have went there for three weeks see a difference.

Dead Sea Health Resort

Many take a Dead Sea holiday for health and fun. Thousands from around the world visit the well know area to float in the water while getting the healing benefits of the Dead Sea. The mud is know to help with joints and muscles pains while helping you look younger. Hotels on the Dead Sea Israel include the Isrotel Dead Sea overlooking the sea and hotel’s private beach. They have a wide range of spa treatments and health options.

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